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poi exchange letter

Hi there!

First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to read this--I hope everything's clear enough and you can find some inspiration from this letter. Should you have any questions whatsoever you can absolutely drop me an anonymous message on tumblr.

First off, some general information that you'll hopefully find useful for all requests.

Hard no to:
- Rape
- A/B/O
- M/F relationships (including canon m/f or e.g. m/f/f)
- Character bashing
- Pregnancy
- Non-canon character death
- Erasure of canon disabilities (e.g. taking away Finch's limp in a mundane AU)
- Cheating/infidelity

Not really into:
- Case fic
- Root-as-TM, I prefer them as two distinct characters
- Sad endings
- Kid fic
- Established romantic relationship if it's the sole focus of the fic--as background in Gen it's fine and even encouraged
- Bondage
- Knife/blood play
- Overt bigotry directed against protagonists (even if the perpetrators are "punished" within the narrative)

Hard yes to:
- Found families
- Pining (especially the seemingly unrequited kind)
- Hurt/comfort
- Competency
- Trust
- First times
- Desperation

Also into:
- Codependency
- AI/human relationships and friendships (whether it be the canon AI or e.g. an android AU)
- Fake dating
- Consensual BDSM
- Gen fic with background f/f and m/m, canon or not
- Bed sharing
- Character studies

Ships I love:
- Harold Finch/John Reese
- Root/Sameen Shaw
- Joss Carter/Sameen Shaw
- Root/The Machine

Friendships I love:
- Harold Finch & Root
- Harold Finch & The Machine
- Root & The Machine
- Harold Finch & Sameen Shaw
- John Reese & Sameen Shaw
- Joss Carter & Harold Finch

Some other stuff you may find interesting/helpful: I prefer the Library to the Subway, my favourite season is 2, my favourite episode is If-Then-Else and my favourite characters are Harold Finch, The Machine, and Root, in that order. I very strongly interpret Harold Finch as gay, Root as a lesbian and Sameen Shaw as bi. I'm flexible on the rest of Team Machine, though I really don't think any of them are straight. I also really love interpreting Harold as Jewish.

Now regarding my requests in particular!

Harold Finch & Root
Side note: I vastly prefer Harold calling her Root rather than Ms. Groves.
Those two are by far my favourite relationship on the show and I love their love for each other. I'm very deeply invested in how much they grew to trust and respect each other considering their rocky beginnings. I view them as a father/daughter relationship and will absolutely love anything displaying their devotion for each other. Harold's good influence on Root and her (playfully! mostly...) bad influence on him are always fun topics. Their particular bond to TM is also definitely high on my list of interests. Really, I will be happy with any Gen content in which these two get to be with each other.

Harold Finch/John Reese
These two kill me on a regular basis. A major source of (perfect) pain for me includes their inability to tell each other they care each other to their faces when they're not strapped to bombs, preferring instead to use third parties or ear pieces or round-about code language or suicidal feats of devotion. The way their repression extends to touch as well is also really interesting to me and makes the times they do touch all the more meaningful. I love how they both view each other as the platonic ideal while being entirely convinced they don't deserve the other person and I will honestly be happy with any and all content that goes in on that good, good pining.

Root/The Machine
AI/human relationships are my catnip, especially if they're femslash. I'm really interested in (non-traditional?) ways of being intimate and sexual when it comes to these two. Root's devotion to The Machine is portrayed really well by the show (though more of that can never hurt), but I would also be very interested to see more of The Machine's devotion to Root and the ways it would manifest itself.

If you've gotten all the way through this, well done! I hope you got something out of this wall of text and wish you much luck and fun writing. I can't wait to hear from you! <3

-- Charlie